Does Florida Homeowners Insurance cover drones?

Accidents and untoward incidents can happen anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the comfort of your home. Homeowners insurance makes it possible to protect ourselves from the costly damages that we might have to pay for if in case these accidents happen to us. Some insurance plans even allow the inclusion of unlikely damages such as Florida homeowners insurance with drones. Home insurance covers a lot of potential damages, and here are some of them according to

  1. Fire – Fire is the most common reason for many household repairs today. That’s why it’s the first thing insurers take into consideration when calculating your premium. Is your home located in an area with frequent fires? Are there certain features to your property (such as layout, materials used, general fire precautionary measures) that can help reduce the likelihood of a fire? Something as simple as a fire alarm could reduce the premium you pay, so it’s best to inspect your property for potential improvements before you avail of an Florida homeowners insurance with drones.
  2. Theft – We can’t always be sure that we won’t be the victim of thefts. If your home is nestled in an area with frequent break-ins and burglaries, your insurer might opt to charge you a higher premium. A burglar alarm can help reduce the premium you pay.
  3. Acts of God – Storms, earthquakes, heavy snowfall, and every other act of God are incidents we have no control over. It’s very likely to get your home damaged by these situations, so it’s ideal to take them into close consideration when purchasing a home insurance plan. If you have frequently been the victim of these calamities, your insurer can charge you a higher premium to pay for future potential accidents.
  4. Vandalism – Is your home in a bad neighbourhood? Vandalism is a very real problem that many homeowners face. These days, it’s not just the simple spray paint problem – fences, walls, and windows are broken in the worst of cases. Ideally, your homeowners insurance plan should cover for these damages.
  5. Drones – Recently, some insurers have made drones a part of the coverage for their plans. Florida homeowners insurance with drones aren’t exactly all that common, but it’s important to make sure that your insurer covers this vital aspect as drones are becoming more and more commercially available, making the likelihood of incurring damages caused by drones all too real.

Well there you are. 5 different types of coverages that you may not have thought of previously. If you would like a Florida homeowners insurance quote, simply visit online and get a quote today.